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News release: Advanced Ionics Launches Low-Cost Green Hydrogen Demonstration

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MILWAUKEE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Advanced Ionics, a low-cost green hydrogen technology provider with the mission of accelerating decarbonization, announced today its Early Access Program for advanced technology demonstrations with potential future customers. The landmark announcement represents the first paid pilot-study for Advanced Ionics, sponsored by the Repsol Foundation, who aims to support entrepreneurship at the forefront of industrial decarbonization technology, in this case in the form of cutting-edge hydrogen production processes.

Advanced Ionics’ symbion electrolyzer technology utilizes, low-cost clean electricity and onsite process waste heat from industrial sites to enable production of green hydrogen for less than a dollar per kilogram. By harnessing process waste heat, Advanced Ionics uses up to 50% less electricity per kilogram of hydrogen produced than other technologies. Participation in Advanced Ionics’ Early Access Program allows the Repsol Foundation to support technology validation and scaling, hence preparing the ground for early testers of full-scale Advanced Ionics electrolyzers.

“We’ve seen extraordinary inbound interest and demand for our electrolyzer technology. Our Early Access Program allows us to harness that demand and work with the most innovative potential future customers to accelerate deployment,” said Chad Mason, CEO of Advanced Ionics. “The advancements we’ve made reduce electricity cost by 20 – 50% using as little as 30 – 40 kWh/kg at the stack. This is a groundbreaking achievement that we look forward to bringing to industry as soon as possible.”

The launch represents an important benefit: to promote green materials and chemicals to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Homayoun Bagheri, the project´s engagement manager at the Entrepreneurs Fund of the Repsol Foundation, commented on the implications of the demonstration saying, “We’re pleased to be the first partner in Advanced Ionics’ pilot program, thereby exploring new ground in green hydrogen production and potential avenues to a net zero industrial future.”

Providing early access and collaboration with future customers will accelerate Advanced Ionics’ path to commercial sales while giving customers confidence in the technology’s potential for their specific industrial use cases.

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Advanced Ionics has created a green hydrogen platform that allows industrial hydrogen producers and users to achieve sustainability, without sacrificing profit. The company’s Symbiotic Electrolyzer Technology works with process and waste heat to produce green hydrogen for less than a dollar per kilogram. Advanced Ionics is proudly headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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The Entrepreneurs Fund of the Repsol Foundation accelerates startups that are at the forefront of industrial technologies, especially those focused on advancing the energy transition. In doing so, it supports companies that have developed technologies that can significantly change the energy landscape, and that are ready to enter the market with an innovative product upon the completion of a pilot test.

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