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Hydrogen fuel cell powered electric forklift, with hydrogen dispenser in the background

Benefits of Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Forklifts

Explore the transformative potential of hydrogen fuel cells for forklifts in warehouse operations. Discover how these eco-friendly power sources redefine efficiency, reduce emissions, and shape a greener future for businesses. Dive into the benefits and challenges of adopting this innovative technology in our comprehensive article.

blue hydrogen

What is Blue Hydrogen? 

Hydrogen can be produced in several ways. Hydrogen production is organized into a color-coded system outlining the different sources, processes, and environmental impact. This article discusses blue hydrogen and how it is produced and used.  How is blue hydrogen produced?  Blue hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels through steam methane reforming, the same technology used …

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turquoise hydrogen

What is Turquoise Hydrogen? 

Even though hydrogen is a colorless element, it is often categorized using a color code. The colors correspond to different sources and methods used to produce it. This article focuses on turquoise hydrogen. Learn about how it is produced and used.

hydrogen podcast

Top Podcast for the Hydrogen Industry 

Hydrogen has been steadily gaining momentum in the energy sector as a potentially renewable and low-emission fuel alternative. As a result, many business people have embraced this trend towards hydrogen, one of them being Paul Rodden, host of “The Hydrogen Podcast.” Learn more about Rodden and his podcast below.  What is “The Hydrogen Podcast”?  The …

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