Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen-powered Daimler Trucks

liquid hydrogen to power over the road trucks

Daimler Truck and Linde Engineering have introduced sLH2, a groundbreaking fuelling technology for hydrogen-powered Daimler trucks. This cutting-edge solution features a unique pump that converts hydrogen into subcooled liquid form, optimizing efficiency and streamlining the refuelling process. Designed to redefine industry standards, sLH2 offers extended travel ranges, quicker refuelling, and substantial reductions in cost and energy consumption.

Power to power calculator

Harnessing Renewable Energy for Sustainable Power-to-Power Solutions

Calculate power requirements for power to power peak mobility charging By Daniela Fortino, researcher and writer for H2iQ.org In the pursuit of sustainable and efficient energy solutions, businesses and industries are increasingly turning towards an innovative approach known as Power-to-Power (P2P). This method integrates renewable energy sources like solar, wind, or hydroelectric power to generate …

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