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News release: Bakken Energy With Cummins and Schneider to Design Heartland Hydrogen Hub 

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TULSA, Okla.–Williams (NYSE: WMB) today announced progress on its clean hydrogen commercialization strategy with a recently signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Daroga Power, a New York-based investor and developer of distributed generation energy assets including hydrogen fuel cells and solar power generation. Williams and Daroga are working to identify long-term, end-use customers for clean hydrogen as well as offtake options for environmental attributes generated by hydrogen production in Wyoming. Deliveries of hydrogen could begin as soon as 2025.

Williams plans to leverage its nationwide assets for the blending, storage and transportation of clean hydrogen to local and regional markets, including the Pacific Northwest via the company’s 4,000-mile bi-directional Northwest Pipeline transmission system that passes through Wyoming. Williams is currently working with the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources to evaluate hydrogen production as well as the impacts of hydrogen blending on existing energy infrastructure in Wyoming. The research, funded by a grant from the Wyoming Energy Authority, is expected to be complete in 2023.

“This partnership with Daroga Power could lead to the commercial certainty required to enable the first major phase of hydrogen-based energy transportation and storage in Wyoming, building toward our long-term goal to scale up over time and create a clean energy hub in the southwest part of the state where we own significant acreage,” said Chad Zamarin, Senior Vice President for Corporate Strategic Development at Williams. “The potential to blend hydrogen into our existing natural gas stream is a significant advantage to accelerate the use of hydrogen in reducing carbon emissions across many sectors and applications, particularly those most difficult to decarbonize. Demand for clean energy is on the rise, and we expect the commercialization and cost-competitiveness of hydrogen to take hold as Inflation Reduction Act incentives seed market growth.”

“Our partnership with Williams is a critical step towards advancing the hydrogen economy, both in Wyoming and beyond,” said David Matt, Co-founder of Daroga Power. “Hydrogen offers a flexible, clean and immediate solution to help achieve decarbonization goals that will benefit Daroga’s and Williams customers. Daroga’s unique development capabilities alongside Williams’ best-in-class infrastructure and operational experience is the ideal combination for providing consumers access to clean hydrogen.”

Wyoming belongs to a four-state pact to become one of several regional clean energy hydrogen hubs designated through federal Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs program included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The Western Interstate Hydrogen Hub, known as WISHH, is an example of interstate and bipartisan cooperation to advance innovative solutions for the country’s energy future.

Beyond Wyoming, Williams has joined several recently launched industry-led regional alliances including Appalachian Energy Future (AEF) and Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub, or Arch2. Williams is also engaged with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), a multi-state alliance including utilities, hydrogen technology manufacturers, universities, non-profit organizations, transportation companies and state agencies. Williams has identified two potential projects to deliver hydrogen in New York and New Jersey using the company’s existing infrastructure.

About Daroga Power
Launched in 2015, Daroga Power is a New York-based clean energy infrastructure firm focused on the development and disciplined management of strategically innovative and socially responsible energy projects throughout North America. Applying the discipline of both a strong financial and fast-track development background, Daroga Power is one of the few companies able to privately structure finance deals to acquire and manage distributed generation portfolios. With their successful track record and deep background, Daroga Power is rapidly becoming a leader in the shift to distributed generation that is reshaping the relationship between local utilities and their customers. Learn more at www.darogapower.com.

About Williams
As the world demands reliable, low-cost, low-carbon energy, Williams (NYSE: WMB) will be there with the best transport, storage and delivery solutions to reliably fuel the clean energy economy. Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Williams is an industry-leading, investment grade C-Corp with operations across the natural gas value chain including gathering, processing, interstate transportation, storage, wholesale marketing and trading of natural gas and natural gas liquids. With major positions in top U.S. supply basins, Williams connects the best supplies with the growing demand for clean energy. Williams owns and operates more than 30,000 miles of pipelines system wide – including Transco, the nation’s largest volume and fastest growing pipeline – and handles approximately 30 percent of the natural gas in the United States that is used every day for clean-power generation, heating and industrial use. Learn how the company is leveraging its nationwide footprint to incorporate clean hydrogen, next generation gas and other innovations at www.williams.com.

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