News release: Ceará Creates Green Hydrogen Day in Support of a Sustainable Future

The Government of Ceará reaffirms its commitment to the global energy transition by proposing November 17th as State Green Hydrogen Day. A Bill with this purpose was signed by Governor Elmano de Freitas, this Friday morning (17), during the Transition Day event, in Fortaleza. Now, the Executive will send the Message to the Legislative Assembly for deliberation by state deputies. The ceremony was attended by the chairman of the French group Qair Internacional, Louis Blanchard; the president of Qair Brasil, Armando Abreu; other executives and authorities.

According to the governor, establishing the date in law symbolizes the effort between the State and partners to consolidate Ceará as a global reference in the production of clean energy (solar, wind and green hydrogen). Furthermore, it also contributes to raising awareness in society about alternatives to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“We want to provoke debate and reflection on the topic in Ceará. We can, from our home, produce energy. All of this can then be condensed into the production of green hydrogen to create a new economy in Ceará. This implies regulation, financing, research, that is, unifying academia, private investors, and the public sector so that we can move forward”, defended Elmano, stating that Ceará works with the Federal Government in a Working Group to regulate the production of green hydrogen in Brazil.

Louis Blanchard highlighted Ceará’s natural and competitive potential for the planet’s decarbonization movement. “We believe that green hydrogen will finally transform the energy transition into an economically viable revolution. Ceará has the capacity, with the support of its authorities, to mass produce green hydrogen for both the local market and the rest of the world. Hydrogen is the new oil, and Ceará could become one of the protagonists of this new world of energy”, said the chairman.

Qair is one of 34 companies that signed a memorandum of understanding with Ceará for the purpose of producing H2V in the Pecém Industrial and Port Complex, in the Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza. In addition to the agreements, the State also has four pre-contracts signed.

A more sustainable future

On the occasion, the head of the State Executive, accompanied by Qair’s board of directors and partners from the French group, participated in the activation of a generator that, instead of fossil energy, uses green hydrogen to produce heat, water and electricity. The generators are the result of a partnership between Qair and CSI.

A visit was also made to the Energy Observer boat, the world’s first autonomous boat powered by renewable energy. The initiative is in partnership with Qair and Air Liquide. The journey began in Paris, in 2017, visiting more than ten countries, and reaches Brazil for the first time, with a stop in Fortaleza.

“I found sea economy, renewable energy, and artificial intelligence on this boat. This combination of efforts, investments and intelligence allowed us to build the new world economy. Therefore, we can unite our energies to change the world”, highlighted the governor.

The event also featured the Qair Bus, a bus that uses solar energy and brings experiences and knowledge about oceanic culture to communities around Qair’s wind farms in Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte. The Toyota Exhibition, in turn, presented several models of flex-hybrid cars.

IMAGE (above): A picture of Governor Elmano de Freitas during the Transition Day event in Fortaleza, where he signed a bill in support of the State Green Hydrogen Day.

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