Companies Investing in Hydrogen Fuel Technology

A number of companies have recently made significant investments in Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) technology. In addition, government support for HFC has been increasing in recent years, as policymakers look for ways to address greenhouse gas emissions. The most recent example was the Inflation Reduction Act in the US, which included dedicated tax credits for the production of qualified clean hydrogen. Securities within this list have been determined to have a high relevance to advancements in HFC technology. List performance is calculated using an equal-weight methodology. This list is generated by scanning the web and using our algorithms to surface potentially relevant securities to the topic. The list is intended to be educational and includes securities that may be suitable for a watchlist. It is not intended for investment or trading purposes. Microsoft does not recommend using the data and information provided as the basis for making any investment decision.

This list has performed -31.27% over the past year, which is -15.97% versus the S&P 500. The risk level of this list is moderately high, which is calculated using the average beta of this list. This list includes 37.50% of Energy stocks, 25.00% of Consumer Cyclicals stocks, 25.00% of Basic Materials stocks, 12.50% of Industrials stocks.

Companies include Plug Power Inc., Nikola Corporation, DuPont de Nemours, Inc., Fuelcell Energy Inc., etc. Click the link to learn more.

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