Eco-Runner XIII - Render Car (made by Enshape Design Studio)

TNW: Dutch Students Unveil Efficient Hydrogen Car

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Article written by Siôn Geschwindt

At the beginning of May, a student team from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands unveiled what could be the world’s most efficient hydrogen car. 

Dubbed Eco-Runner XIII, the vehicle is slated to cover over 2,000km (1242.74 mi) on just 1kg of hydrogen fuel — equivalent to the distance between Amsterdam and Kyiv.

This claim will be tested in June at Shell’s Eco-Marathon event in France. Eco-Runner will go head-to-head with student teams from across Europe to break the world record for the longest distance driven on hydrogen without refuelling.

This year the number to beat is 2,056km (1277.54 mi), set by a methanol fuel-cell-powered Renault Zoe in 2022. 

The 80kg carbon fibre vehicle has been designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. With a constant speed of 45kph (27.96 mph), the ERXII should be able to cover 2,056km (1277.54 mi) within three days.  

This is one of several hydrogen cars developed by Eco-Runner in recent years…

IMAGE (above): Eco-Runner XIII – Render Car (made by Enshape Design Studio). Credit: ECO-RUNNER TEAM DELFT (from the media and press kit).

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