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News release: France Hydrogene and SHFCA to Accelerate Hydrogen Deployment

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In Paris at the Hyvolution trade show Philippe Boucly, President of France Hydrogène and Nigel Holmes, Chief Executive of the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen collaboration and cooperation between the two organisations and accelerate the deployment of hydrogen for the transition to net zero. This strategic partnership will leverage the strengths and expertise of both associations with a new and forward-looking Auld Alliance across a combined membership of over 650 organisations in this fast-growing hydrogen sector.

Scottish Government Energy Minister, Gillian Martin said: “Scotland and France have been at the vanguard of a revolution in hydrogen production and the Scottish Government is committed to deepening collaboration with our European partners to unlock this potential and help deliver well-paid new jobs and a greener, more sustainable energy system across Europe. This strategic partnership between the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association and France Hydrogène will help to accelerate hydrogen development in both countries. It is a relationship that will support skills development, foster business growth and drive crucial research and development activities to accelerate the technology’s roll-out in this crucial decade for our energy transition.”

Philippe Boucly, President of France Hydrogène said, “We are glad to strengthen our relationship with the Scottish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) on key topics for the ramp up of the European hydrogen economy. We are looking forward to further cooperating with Scotland to foster cooperation between our associations and our members to combat climate change, strengthen European energy security and economic development.”

Nigel Holmes, Chief Executive of SHFCA added, “I am delighted that we have established this new and forward-looking Auld Alliance with France Hydrogene to help accelerate the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cells. This will help establish a thriving hydrogen economy across Europe using the expertise from our combined membership of over 650 organisations in our fast-growing sector.

Key Objectives of the MoU between SHFCA and France Hydrogène:

  • Collaborative Projects: help develop effective links between France Hydrogène and SHFCA on behalf of our members.
  • Knowledge Sharing: support the growth and beneficial impacts of our sector, and to develop and share best practice in the safe use and deployment of hydrogen.
  • Advocacy and Representation: Improved engagement with other organisations in complementary geographic locations to support development of alliances
  • Capacity Building: Support skills development, training, education, and wider STEM outreach activities
  • Resource Sharing: Coordination of news articles, communications, and events where appropriate and in common interest.

About France Hydrogène: With more than 450 members, France Hydrogène brings together the stakeholders of the French hydrogen sector across the entire value chain: major industrial groups developing large-scale projects, innovative SMEs and start-ups supported by laboratories and research centres of excellence, associations, competitiveness clusters and local authorities committed to the deployment of hydrogen solutions. France Hydrogène supports the sector development across France thanks to its 12 local delegations. The ambition of France Hydrogène will accelerate the development of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen to ensure a successful energy transition, reindustrialise the territory and create value locally, and improve the quality of life for all.

About SHFCA: Now with over 220 members SHFCA has a broad membership base, reflecting the increasing awareness of our core technologies and how Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies can enable renewables to deliver their full economic and environmental potential in key energy market areas.  A primary objective for SHFCA is to help our members to develop and deliver projects linked to the key market opportunity areas with transport, stationary power, and energy storage linked to renewables. We support the development of low carbon and energy efficient technologies, alongside the growth in renewables in Scotland to deliver real benefits in practical and economic terms at a local level.

This Memorandum of Understanding between France Hydrogène and the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association shows commitment from both organisations to collaborate for the benefit of their members and the industries they represent. It is a non-binding agreement that sets the stage for future cooperation and joint initiatives.

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