Oil Price: GH Power to Advance Hydrogen Clean Hydrogen Production

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Article written by James Stafford 

The U.S. government has announced a proposed $7 billion (for starters) on desperately needed breakthroughs in clean hydrogen production. 

The Department of Energy’s (DoE) biggest bet is on nuclear power plants, which they are hoping to convert into North America’s premier clean hydrogen producers.

Those billions of dollars are being poured into technological innovation, lowering costs and scaling up the production of clean hydrogen, including through the use of nuclear power plants in New York, Ohio, Minnesota and Arizona.

For now, the majority of hydrogen in the United States is produced by natural gas reforming in large central plants—an important step in the energy transition. The end goal, however, is to produce hydrogen without creating carbon emissions, and that’s what the federal government’s $ 7 billion spend is all about.

At four nuclear plants across the country, scientists are trying to perfect a process called “electrolysis” to create pure, clean hydrogen. The process involves splitting water into pure hydrogen and oxygen using high temperature electrolyzers.  For now, however, the process is prohibitively expensive and energy intensive.

That could make this recent breakthrough all the more significant …

GH Power has developed a unique renewable energy technology that uses exothermic reactions to create three highly sought-after green outputs: hydrogen, alumina (aluminum oxide) and exothermic heat, killing three birds with one high-tech stone.

The hydrogen produced by the modular version of GH Power’s 2MW reactor is pure and clean, with zero emissions, zero carbon and zero waste, using only 2 inputs (recycled aluminum and water). 

GH Power has been developing the new type of reaction for hydrogen production over the past 7 years, and now it’s gearing up to flip the switch on the first commercial reactor of its kind in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. 

Flipping the switch on this new reactor comes at a critical juncture in the global energy transition. The Hydrogen Council estimates that hydrogen will represent 18% of all energy delivered to end users by 2050, avoiding 6 gigatonnes of carbon emissions annually and turning around an approximated $2.5 trillion in annual sales (not to mention creating 30 million jobs globally).


GH Power’s reactor is self-sustaining, zero emission and is a net producer of energy for consumption.  It’s 100% clean and modular, which means it can be assembled on site to power North America’s industries for the first time with clean energy and cost competitive with conventional fossil fuels.

It also produces green hydrogen…

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