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Renewable Energy Magazine: H2B2 and PowiDian to Bring Hydrogen Energy to Dutch Hospital

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H2B2, a global technology company in the hydrogen energy sector, and PowiDian, a French technology company with expertise in hydrogen system integration, are collaborating to provide the future Rijnstate hospital in Elst (The Netherlands) with a system that will enable the hospital to cover up to 60% of its energy needs.

In March 2023, H2B2 will deliver to PowiDian an EL20N electrolyzer that will operate as part of a P2P system to supply electricity by combining solar PV and hydrogen. P2P systems take advantage of the potential of renewable energies, in this case, solar photovoltaic energy, mitigating thanks to hydrogen its main obstacle: certain production peaks are wasted because energy production does not coincide with demand.

The installation will also include a 100-kW fuel cell and two storage tanks with a capacity of 100 kg of H2, supplied by Powidian.

Thus, the hospital will use the electrical energy produced by the photovoltaic panels during the day. If the production exceeds the center’s needs, the H2B2 electrolyzer will transform it into hydrogen, which will be stored in the tanks. During the night, or in situations where the PV power source does not produce enough electricity for the hospital, the fuel cell will transform the stored hydrogen into electrical energy.

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