News release: Industry Leaders Join Forces to Bring Hydrogen into the Building Sector

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With more than 100 projects across Europe to test hydrogen in buildings of different uses, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance reaffirms its crucial role in supporting the European Union’s Hydrogen Strategy, which aims to make hydrogen available, safe, and affordable for all European consumers.

Portgás, a REN group company, is co-leader of a round table of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance, an initiative of the European Commission to accelerate the development of the hydrogen value chain until 2030. The REN group company shares the leadership of this round table , dedicated to buildings, with representatives from Nilsson Energy (a prestigious provider of local renewable energy systems) and INNIO (a leading provider of gas engine solutions).

During their one-year term, they take on the coordination of the work of the Round Table members to enable buildings to become valuable elements in the hydrogen ecosystem, whether these are residential, commercial or public facilities (such as airports, railway stations or ports), ensuring resilience for the future integrated European energy system.

“At Portgás, we believe that hydrogen will play a central role in the energy mix for buildings and communities. Our slogan, ‘More comfortable communities, one home at a time,’ reflects our commitment to creating a sustainable future”, says Rui Bessa, Head of Technical Affairs at Portgás.

As a gas distribution network operator, Portgás has been leading the way in providing sustainable, safe, and affordable energy solutions for over 35 years.

“It is important that we work together in broad collaboration to develop and extend the hydrogen value chain, in which buildings can be valuable, safe and robust nodes of energy and resources for the entire hydrogen ecosystem,” states Martina Wettin of Nilsson Energy. “A holistic approach to energy transformation is needed if we want to make our buildings climate neutral using hydrogen solutions,” she adds.

Klaus Payrhuber of INNIO noted, “While in the past the hydrogen alliance focused mainly on its production, going forward, the efficient use of hydrogen and its impact on avoided CO2 emissions will be increasingly vital.”

Round Table ‘Buildings’ promotes development of the hydrogen market

The new leadership of the ‘Buildings’ Roundtable held its first meeting in May 2023 and increased the number of members. In focus was the commitment to better cooperation throughout the hydrogen value chain, considering the impact of the Net Zero Industry Act on the development of the hydrogen market and the encouragement of local projects across Europe.

With the support of the European Heating Industry, the co-leaders have a comprehensive program focused on promoting integrated projects among the round table members and the interaction of the entire value chain (hydrogen production, distribution and utilization).

The program will be presented at the next Hydrogen Forum on June 27, 2023.

Portuguese (REN Portgás Distribuição, SA) is the concessionaire of the public gas distribution service in the northern coastal region of Portugal. It distributes gas to more than 400,000 consumers through a network that exceeds 6,400 km (the longest in the country). Committed to decarbonization and digitization, Portgás has an integrated plan to make a network fully compatible with H2 possible and support the adaptation of equipment and facilities for end users.

Nilsson Energy is a systems integrator and supplier of local renewable energy systems that use hydrogen as an energy carrier. The company covers the entire value chain, from hydrogen production, electricity and heat self-sufficiency to commissioning and maintenance of systems.

INNIUM is a leading provider of gas engine solutions, power equipment, a digital platform and related services for power generation and gas compression at or near the point of use. With its diverse portfolio of reliable, economical and sustainable industrial gas engines, it generates from 200 kW to 10 MW of power for numerous industries around the world.

Note: This news release has been translated from Portuguese to English.

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