Hydrogen-powered Daimler Trucks

Liquid Hydrogen to Power Over the Road Trucks

Daimler Truck and Linde Engineering have introduced a new fueling technology for liquid hydrogen named sLH2, aimed at becoming the standard for hydrogen-powered trucks. The technology features an innovative pump that enhances the fueling process by converting hydrogen into subcooled liquid hydrogen (sLH2), offering a more robust and energy-efficient solution compared to conventional liquid hydrogen (LH2) refueling methods. This process eliminates the need for data transfer between the refueling station and the vehicle, simplifying operations.

The sLH2 technology offers several advantages, including higher energy density, allowing trucks to travel longer distances between refuels, and faster, more cost-effective refueling compared to gaseous hydrogen. A newly opened sLH2 refueling station at the Daimler Truck plant in Wörth, Germany, will serve as a public and trial facility for selected logistics customers, with the Mercedes-Benz GenH2 Truck expected to refuel in 10-15 minutes for a range of over 1,000 kilometers.

This technology not only streamlines the refuelling process, akin to diesel, but also significantly reduces the energy consumption and operational costs associated with hydrogen refuelling. Daimler and Linde are promoting sLH2 as an open standard through an ISO standard, encouraging other manufacturers and stakeholders to adopt this technology to foster a global mass market for liquid hydrogen fuel.

The initiative represents a significant step towards zero-emission transport, offering a practical, CO2-neutral alternative to diesel for heavy-duty vehicles. It underscores the importance of collaborative efforts in developing the necessary infrastructure for hydrogen-powered vehicles and achieving cost parity with traditional diesel trucks.

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