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Mass Transit: Foothill Transit Launches Los Angeles county’s First Hydrogen Buses

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Foothill Transit will be launching Los Angeles County’s first three hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) buses into revenue service on Dec. 5 on the agency’s Line 291, which serves Pomona, Claremont and La Verne. This historic move is the vanguard of an order of 33 hydrogen fuel cell buses, the largest order of HFC buses in North America, manufactured by New Flyer. The full fleet of 33 HFC buses should be ready for service by February 2023. The hydrogen buses produce zero emissions, emitting only water vapor.

“We’re clearing the air in Los Angeles County,” said Doran Barnes, CEO of Foothill Transit. “A hydrogen bus emits zero air pollutants that contribute to local smog and zero greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. It’s the next step on our path toward sustainability.”

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