News release: Nova Scotia Unveils Green Hydrogen Action Plan

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A new action plan will help grow Nova Scotia’s green hydrogen industry and advance the transition to clean energy.

“Nova Scotia is poised to be a world leader in the production of green hydrogen, which will help us and our global partners develop our green economies and fight climate change,” said Premier Tim Houston. “With this action plan, we’re continuing our work with businesses and communities to take advantage of this unique opportunity that will bring benefits to Nova Scotians for generations to come.”

The Green Hydrogen Action Plan, which includes seven goals and 23 actions, will help develop the sector in alignment with the Province’s climate change goals. It will support both domestic use and export of green hydrogen and is focused on safety, a strong and skilled workforce, research and innovation, and opportunities for public engagement.Green hydrogen can be used in Nova Scotia to help with the move to clean fuels for transportation and industrial uses. It can also be used globally in the move to clean energy, which creates significant export opportunities for Nova Scotia.Nova Scotia’s clean energy leadership and prime location for export to Europe are among the reasons it is sought after for large-scale green hydrogen production.While developers are getting started with onshore wind, they will scale up using some of the world’s best offshore wind resources off Nova Scotia’s coast. To help spur development, the Province has set a target to offer seabed leases for five gigawatts of offshore wind energy by 2030.Developing a Green Hydrogen Action Plan is a commitment in Our Climate, Our Future: Nova Scotia’s Climate Change Plan for Clean Growth, which will help create a cleaner and more sustainable future for all Nova Scotians by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency and helping homes and buildings become more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Quotes:Green hydrogen can help us reach our climate change goals in Nova Scotia and also put us on the world stage as an exporter of clean energy. This action plan will guide the government and all our partners in a united effort to develop this sector in ways that create green jobs for Nova Scotians and contribute to our broader plans for a clean, sustainable future.Tory RushtonMinister of Natural Resources and RenewablesThe release of the Province’s Green Hydrogen Action Plan will help set a foundation from which industry and community can plan for the transition to cleaner fuels, eventually tapping into our world-class offshore wind resource.Brenda Chisholm-BeatonMayorPort Hawkesbury; co-chairStrait of Canso Offshore Wind TaskforceHere in the Strait area, we have multiple hydrogen projects being proposed, so having a broad plan in place will help create certainty and confidence for our developers as they advance plans for commercial-scale green production facilities.Amanda MombourquetteWardenRichmond County; co-chairStrait of Canso Offshore Wind TaskforceQuick Facts:
  • green hydrogen has the potential to help Nova Scotia achieve its goal of reaching net zero by 2050 and support a global transition to a low-carbon energy futureNova Scotia is committed to the responsible development of its natural resources, balancing environmental, social and economic interests
  • Additional Resources:Nova Scotia’s Green Hydrogen Action Plan is available at: release – Province Sets Offshore Wind Target: Scotia’s climate change plan: Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act:

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