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Renewables Now: Oman Aims to Become a Leader in Production and Export of Green Hydrogen

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October 24 (Renewables Now) – Oman on Sunday presented a strategy designed to make the sultanate one of the leaders in the production and export of green hydrogen with a targeted annual output of about 1 million-1.25 million tonnes by 2030 which will be used to meet local demand and for export purposes.

To reach the goal, the country will need electrolysers with a combined capacity of between 8 GW and 10 GW, to be powered by renewable energy plants totalling 16 GW – 20 GW.

The strategy was unveiled by top officials from the Ministry of Energy and Minerals at a press conference in the capital Muscat.

The Arab country, which boasts abundant wind and solar resources and wide areas, has selected 50,000 sq km (19,305 sq mi) in the southern and central parts to be offered as concession areas to investors for green hydrogen production, said Abdulaziz bin Said al Shidhani, Head of the Directorate General of Renewable Energy and Hydrogen at the ministry.

These areas have the potential to host 500 GW of capacity for renewable energy generation or the production of 25 million tonnes of green hydrogen per year.

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