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PV Magazine: Vancouver startup unveils 120 kW fuel cell system

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Article written by Sergio Matalucci

Vancouver-based manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells for commercial mobility, Loop Energy, unveiled a 120 kW fuel cell system that reportedly provides an additional efficiency gain of 20% when it generates electricity. “The S1200 is designed to deliver up to 60% in net system efficiency, this efficiency enables an electric vehicle powered by a Loop Energy fuel cell to deliver up to 54% fuel to wheel efficiency compared to the typical fuel to wheel efficiency delivered by a diesel engine powered vehicle of 20% to 25,” the company said in a statement. Loop Energy uses a trapezoid plate with narrowing channels for its bipolar plates, which reportedly increases gas velocity down the plate to deliver higher fuel efficiency and power output. The company believes this new product allows fuel cost parity with diesel up to eight years earlier than previously considered possible.

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