Electrek: Sales Begin for Zero-Emissions Hydrogen Yacht

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Article written by Scooter Doll

European yacht broker MYSEA has announced the beginning of sales of the AQUON One eco-catamaran – a solar electric yacht powered by the sun and hydrogen fuel cells with luxurious accommodations for eight to ten passengers without any emissions.

AQUON is a sustainability-focused yacht builder founded within Swiss Sustainable Yachts AG, based in Zurich. The company states it combines Swiss-quality engineering, Spanish naval architecture expertise, and Italian design to deliver a new breed of yachts that are connected, future-oriented, and most importantly – sustainable at sea.

The young company’s ethos begins with its first zero-emissions yacht, the solar hydrogen AQUON One. It is described by its design team on the AQUON website as follows:

A smart designer catamaran that redefines premium yachting. It offers an independent lifestyle for sustainable luxury, powered by green hydrogen and solar energy. The name AQUON symbolizes this state-of-the-art technology and references this powerful clean water luxury.

We’ve covered solar electric catamarans before, but the team at AQUON has developed a unique system aboard the vessel that can go days at sea without replenishing and may just be able to offer unlimited range without any dependency on fuel.

(Image credit: MYSEA)

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