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Energy Storage News: Shell Building Green Hydrogen Storage System Off Dutch Coast

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Article written by Cameron Murray

Engineering firm KBR will work with Shell to design an energy storage facility combining green hydrogen and battery storage at a wind farm off the coast of the Netherlands.

KBR announced yesterday (5 December) that it had won a contract to provide engineering services for an energy storage project at the Hollandse Kust (north) wind farm off the Dutch coast. The project is being developed by CrossWind, a joint venture (JV) entity between Shell and Dutch utility company, Eneco.

The offshore energy storage system is being described by the project partners as a ‘baseload power hub’ (BPH) for the wind farm.

KBR and Shell will together design and develop facilities that integrate lithium-ion battery storage and green hydrogen production at a megawatt scale, a press release said. Hydrogen will be produced during periods of high power production and converted to electricity via a fuel cell during periods of lower power production.

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