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Top Podcast for the Hydrogen Industry 

Hydrogen has been steadily gaining momentum in the energy sector as a potentially renewable and low-emission fuel alternative. As a result, many business people have embraced this trend towards hydrogen, one of them being Paul Rodden, host of “The Hydrogen Podcast.” Learn more about Rodden and his podcast below. 

What is “The Hydrogen Podcast”? 

The Hydrogen Podcast delves into the hydrogen market and discusses the development of financial potential and opportunities for those invested or interested in hydrogen. According to the show’s social media pages, the show is “for energy investors and analysts who want to learn about how hydrogen is driving the evolution of energy.” 

Who hosts The Hydrogen Podcast? 

The Hydrogen Podcast was created in early 2021 by host Paul Rodden. He is a businessman and hydrogen consulting expert from Houston, Texas. 

Rodden’s interest in hydrogen began in the mid-90s after reading a Popular Mechanics article on the development of fuel cells. He found the technology fascinating, and his curiosity stayed with him throughout the years. As hydrogen technologies have progressed, it has well positioned Rodden, who is well versed in the advances and opportunities with hydrogen, to share this knowledge with like-minded podcast listeners.

What is discussed in episodes of The Hydrogen Podcast?     

Rodden provides an in-depth look at opportunities and developments in the hydrogen field in each episode. He discusses different strategies, future potential, personal insight, and more. Essentially, Rodden aims to explore hydrogen fuel news, look at past and future advancements, and the opportunities these advancements can bring to potential investors.  

Rodden also interviews leaders that see hydrogen’s potential and are invested in its future role in the energy market. For example, Rodden had Andy Marsh, the CEO of Plug Power Inc., on the show earlier this month. Plug Power Inc. is an American electrical equipment manufacturing company developing hydrogen fuel cell systems and solutions. The episode discussed the company’s success in executing its hydrogen strategy, which provides excellent insight to other companies looking to operate in the hydrogen economy. 

Earlier this year, Rodden interviewed Trevor Best, the CEO of Syzygy Plasmonics Inc., a technology company focusing on decarbonization in high-emission sectors, like industrial gas, chemical, and energy industries. The episode discussed photocatalysis (water-splitting technology that uses photosynthesis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen). It focuses on the company’s ability to use high-efficiency photocatalysts to produce low-cost, low-emission hydrogen and the potential this could have in the hydrogen market. 

Other topics discussed in podcast episodes include: 

  • Hydrogen technologies (e.g., Fossil fuel and renewable hydrogen sources) 
  • Hydrogen basics (e.g., colors of hydrogen)
  • US and global hydrogen news and developments 
  • Hydrogen market potential and projections 
  • Profitability forecasting 
  • Government policies relating to hydrogen 

Where to listen to The Hydrogen Podcast

Episodes can be found on The Hydrogen Podcast website: https://thehydrogenpodcast.com/. Each episode has a brief summary of the topics discussed and a link to download. 

Episodes can also be accessed via: 

More information on the podcast can be found on the website. Listeners can also follow the podcast on social media: 

Anyone with questions about the podcast or interested in joining as a guest/sponsor can send inquiries to: info@thehydrogenpodcast.com. Paul Rodden can also be contacted at prodden@thehydrogenpodcast.com

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