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Future Travel Experience: AGS Airports to Develop Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure

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AGS Airports, operator of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, has announced an agreement with ZeroAvia to explore the development of hydrogen fuel infrastructure, regulatory framework requirements and resourcing required for delivering zero-emission flights from Aberdeen and Glasgow airports.

The team at AGS will work closely with ZeroAvia’s specialist airport infrastructure team to assess the opportunities for hydrogen production onsite, as well as exploring potential commercial routes.

Switching some routes to aircraft powered by ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-electric powertrain will help AGS Airports to significantly reduce Scope 3 carbon emissions from aircraft and reduce noise and air quality impacts locally. At the same time, AGS will explore how hydrogen can be used to remove emissions across ground operations, further extending the impact.

The agreement forms an important part of AGS Airports’ drive to reach net zero carbon emissions by the middle of the next decade.

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